Cupid’s Playground 2023
Red Heaven Events Presents - Cupid's Playground 2023
EVENT DATE: 10-02--2023
TICKET PRICE: Early Bird tickets - $60 - 2 for 1 Ends 30-12-2022
TICKET PRICE: Final Release tickets - $60 each

Red Heaven presents our annual Valentines event: Cupid’s Playground - A tantalising night of school yard fantasies combined with naughty students and even naughtier teachers on Friday 10th of February 2023!.

Get ready for the start of a very naughty Valentine’s weekend at Cupid’s Playground. It’s that time of year again, Love is getting hot and heavy and Cupid is brandishing his bow of romance and temptation.Remember those days of secret love notes being playfully passed around in class? Clandestine trysts behind the science block?

Catch-and-kiss in the playground? Or that one teacher who became the fixation of all your pubescent desires. Reawaken that nostalgia for teenage taboos and first everything’s at our very first event of the year which is Cupid’s Playground. Bring your boo or let Cupid’s arrow lead the way and find that special someone in our schoolyard playground. This year we have something EXTRA SPECIAL for all you naughty schoolkids. Our DJ's will be spinning VINYL records on the decks. Our resident DJ Issy is back to heat up the party for the 4 hour VINYL set of our international DJ Don Maurizio

Cupid’s Playground has plenty of decadent delights in store for all you students of love. Indulge in our signature cocktail of the night and get swept away in the arms of a lover to the superb sexy house beats that Red Heaven is known for.Get ready for a delectable night of naughtiness, mischief and fun that we promise you won’t regret!


Early Bird tickets - $60 - 2 for 1 Ends 30-12-2022

Final Release tickets - $60 each

Limited tickets will be available at the door at $80 each due to venue capacity so get in early and buy them online.


Come dressed in sexy schoolyard attire. Get your short skirts and pigtails on, pull out a sexy cheerleader costume, maybe even the school nerd with glasses, or perhaps you’re someone who likes to lay down the law and give off those sexy teacher vibes? You might even choose to come as a mischievous Cupid or in your most seductive Valentines Day outfit ready to seduce your partner or chosen desire on the night. If you can’t figure it out then don’t worry, simply come in something RED!

    • No full-frontal nudity
    • A mandatory dress code applies to both men and women
    • Not something you’d wear to any regular club
    • Nothing boring and conservative. This is a “Valentines/Back to School themed event”


Our playground for the night is our new be the exclusive, sultry and sexy atmosphere of Kinselas



Your Hosts,

Red Heaven Events