What is Red Heaven?
Red Heaven is an event for open minded, curious, people who want to party in a safe, hassle free environment with like minded individuals. All guests make an effort to dress up and go that little bit further to impress. Red Heaven events are not swingers parties but we do like our crowd to be open minded, sensual, sexy and fun!

What do I wear ?
At a Red Heaven event we want you to be in something sensual, sexy, creative or fun! • A mandatory dress code applies to both men and women. • Not something you’d wear to any regular club. • Nothing boring and conservative. Red Heaven events are “ themed events”. If you can't work out what to wear then just come in something RED!

Will I be safe ?
Red Heaven Events like to make sure everyone has a great time. Everyone should feel comfortable at all times, always! The following rules apply to both males and females. Please don’t think because you are a female that you are exempt from the following. At a Red Heaven event, we love our guests to be creative with their outfits. In some cases, this means they are risqué. Please respect each and every person that is in attendance to our parties. This means NO TOUCHING unless you’re invited or you have asked permission. It is imperative that everyone adheres to this. If you are found to be behaving inappropriately we will ask you to leave and you won’t be welcome back. You will not receive a refund. If in the rare case you feel you are being harassed, tell our event staff as we can’t deal with it on the night if you don’t speak up. There is nothing worse than finding out a week later that it happened and we were not made aware of it! We work really hard to provide a quality party with quality guests so those who can’t adhere to this simple rule are not welcome to Red Heaven. All we ask is that you treat everyone with respect and have an amazing time together. We don’t want dramas we just want to have a bloody great night! Pretty simple really.